Month: November 2016

Dealing With Your Herpes Problem At Home

Herpes is a viral infection that is transmitted from an infected person by physical contact or the exchange of bodily fluids. As yet there is no cure for the condition so treatment is the only option open to people. This prompts the question, what is the most effective Herpes treatment ?

The most effective treatment is to manage the condition. As the person with the infection has it for life, they will begin to build up a history of how it affects them. This includes when they are most likely to have an outbreak, how long it will last and ways to reduce the disruption it causes.

For instance, stress may be a precursor to an outbreak. The outbreak could take the form of a cold sore or may be genital herpes. If a person feels they are getting too stressed at work, they can do things to reduce this stress directly or indirectly.

A direct approach might be to delegate work to other people or ask for a new role. It may even be to quit and get a new job, but this might be stressful too.

An indirect method might be to do things that can alleviate the stress caused. This could be doing activities like yoga or meditation. Having a relaxing day at a health spa could also do the trick. Doing something you really enjoy could be a simple way to relieve stress.

Dealing with stress falls under the general banner of keeping your immune system fit and healthy. Ensuring that your immune system is healthy will help limit the outbreaks of herpes because the immune system keeps the virus under check so to speak.

Alongside this, people will often take medication. The most common form of medication for herpes is antiviral drugs. Antiviral drugs, like Aciclovir, Valaciclovir, Famciclovir and Penciclovir, work by limiting the ability of the virus to replicate itself inside infected cells. These drugs are taken orally or even intravenously in some cases but other anitvirals can be applied topically to the site of the infection. Docosanol is a topical antiviral drug for herpes.Alternative Herpes Treatment

An alternative herpes treatment that has been used for many health conditions is oxygen therapy. An oxygen therapy plan for treating herpes is outlined in the One Minute Herpes Cure book. It’s debatable whether this will actually cure the condition but it can certainly reduce the ability for the virus to replicate and thus cause an outbreak.

The idea behind oxygen therapy is that cells need oxygen for metabolism, and adequate tissue oxygenation is vital for all normal physiological functions within the body. The contention is that a  highly oxygenated body can be immune to viruses or destroy viruses that have already infected the body.

Many people don’t get enough oxygen to the cells for a variety of reasons. These could be poor external environmental conditions or even that they breath in a very shallow fashion. Oxygen therapy is basically a treatment that helps to deliver the optimum level of oxygen to the cells so that they can fight viruses or keep them in such a condition that they don’t get infected in the first place.