Treatment Options For Herpes

Herpes can be an uncomfortable topic that someone might not want to bring attention to, however, ignoring it will not make it better. The only way HSV can be managed is by implementing a procedure of proper precautions and pharmaceutical treatments. This article can give you help on deciding which course of action the take.

To properly treat herpes, you need to understand what can trigger outbreaks. Many people do not realize that some common environmental factors can bring on symptoms. Too much sun exposure, as well as contracting the common cold, may bring out oral herpes, more widely referred to as cold sores. Although the symptoms are not present at all times, the virus is still there waiting to make its move.

Although enjoyable, another activity that can cause the skin to become irritated is sex. It may not occur every time but the friction from sex could cause a flare-up. It is important to sustain from sexual activity during an outbreak. Protection is highly recommended to prevent transfer to an uninfected partner. You also want to stay away from lubricants that are oil-based. This is because they cause the latex to become weak and potentially break. Make sure to use a water-based lubricant because it will reduce irritation and allow the protection to be more secure.

Since every immune system is different, (take a look how immune system can control herpes) you should look into available treatment options and find the right one for you and your body. Medications can reduce the rate of herpes outbreaks. Some of the available methods include anti-viral drugs, supplements, herbs, and alternative or complimentary therapies.

Suppressive therapy or daily medication such as Fenvir, is recommended for individuals who experience frequent outbreaks. Certain drugs may cause problems for people with kidney disease, women who are pregnant, or the elderly. Be careful in choosing a treatment method, as not all of them work for everyone.

As noted in the beginning, not only does ignoring herpes not work, it can also make the situation worse. Severe herpes can even lead to lifelong pain and scars. By learning the facts and planning a course of action, you can reduce the effects of herpes and start getting less outbreaks.

How To Identify Herpes Symptoms

HSV can be deceiving. Most people who are infected with the virus have either no symptoms, or very mild outbreaks. Often, these outbreaks are mistaken for another skin ailment. Unfortunately, because of its subtly, a lot of individuals with HSV2 will remain unaware of their condition, aiding to the spreading of the disease to their partner. It is extremely important to pay attention to the infection and get it properly diagnosed so that others do not unknowingly become infected.

When outbreaks occur, the symptoms usually appear as blisters, or rash like bumps near the infected areas. This could be on or around the mouth, genital region, or even the rectum. When the blisters rupture, they can leave agonizing sores which can last anywhere from days, to weeks to heal. Occasionally, infected individuals may also experience flu-like symptoms during the initial outbreak. These may include chills, aches and pains, fever as well as swollen glands. Like previously stated, this does not happen to everyone. Some people may experience an outbreak without any symptoms. It may go unnoticed unless that particular person is very in tune with their body.

Here is a list of symptoms before actual outbreaks appear  It is also important to know that during the first year the infection is present, the likelihood of repeat outbreaks is heightened. When dealing with reoccurring outbreaks for genital herpes, those infected may notice that the duration and the severity is lessened. This in mind, paying close attention to the infected area can make a big difference. For instance, Genital herpes may spread to other parts of the body if fluid from the sores is touched during an outbreak. Touching sensitive areas such as the face and eyes need to be taken with precaution. If contact with the infected area does occur, hands should be washed immediately and thoroughly to prevent transfer of the virus.

Another thing to consider is, although outbreaks seem to dissipate over time, the infection itself will stay inside the body indefinitely. Certain people with suppressed immune systems may be more susceptible to other diseases and may also have more painful blisters or sores during an outbreak. That is why seeking proper treatment is recommended immediately after diagnosis. Someone who thinks they may be infected should not feel embarrassed about learning about the virus and finding the right medication. Spreading of the infection can be prevented if individuals take the necessary steps and precautions.

Genital Herpes Cure Myths and Facts

Genital herpes is a very common sexually transmitted disease that affects 1 out of every five people in the United States. Though it is not a fatal disease like cancer, genital herpes can be irritating and painful. Like cancer there is no cure for herpes or vaccine that is effectively can eradicate hsv from the body. In a lot of cases however, genital herpes goes almost unnoticed. Mild symptoms like blisters and sores on the genital area are signs that indicate the occurrence of genital herpes. Even though this disease usually affects you only once, in some cases it has been reported to recur.

Due to the widespread notoriety of genital herpes, it is a much debated topic among the masses. This has also created a lot of misconceptions regarding the disease. Let us bust a few common myths about genital herpes:

Myths busted to form facts:

You can heal herpes with natural remedies and Chinese medicine. The truth is that even there are many claims all over the internet stating that some natural treatments work better then over the counter medication for an actual outbreaks. There are lot less claims that herpes was completely eliminated from the body and it’s nervous system. There are no FDA approved cure as of 2017.

Toilet seats can give you genital herpes: The virus that causes the disease is a fragile one. Whenever the virus is exposed to air, it dries out and thus ceases to exist for all matters of purpose. Thus, you will not acquire this disease from toilet seats.

Only people with multiple sexual partners can acquire this disease: Though the probability of getting genital herpes increases with increase in sex partners, it does not necessarily mean that people with multiple partners get this disease only. You may contract this disease even if you practice sex with one partner. The disease is contracted only if your partner is already afflicted with it.

You can detect genital herpes if you conduct a full STD test: Though a sexually transmitted disease, genital herpes cannot be detected by STD tests. This is because the virus that causes it does not fall in the gamut of viruses that are detected by STD tests. However, you can always consult the doctor in the event of sighting any symptoms that suggest genital herpes. The doctor will take specimens and conduct an isolated test to diagnose whether you really have the disease.

Genital herpes cannot spread to other parts of the body: Truth is, it can. If you have sores in your genital regions, you can spread the virus by touching the sores with your hands and then touching other parts of your body. Thus, it is recommended that you wash your hands after touching the affected region. You should also refrain from oral sex when you have this infection since your partner can contract canker sores in his/her mouth due to oral sex. This is because, though the virus that causes canker sores is different from the one that causes genital herpes, they both belong to the same family of viruses. So, one can potentially trigger the effect of the other.

You can never have sex after you have genital herpes: You should ideally give your disease the time to heal completely before you have sex again, but having genital herpes does not mean that you have to discard your sex life permanently.

These were some common myths about genital herpes busted for your benefit. Remember not to panic when you contract genital herpes because it is not a deadly infection. But take all precautionary measures to ensure that you prevent its occurrence. Also, once you have it, avoid physical contact with other people, lest they contract the same from you.

Genital herpes drugs – controll outbreaks

It might be a World Wide myth that drugs for Herpes Medication are expensive and that men and women who are on a tight budget are not capable of paying for any genital herpes med. This is nonsense as I am a man who has the virus herpes simplex and I know as a true and sure fact that drugs for herpes are never too expensive when shopped for online at an internet pharmacy of your choice.

Drugs for herpes are varied in prices as well as in names and origins however no genital herpes drugs are ever as expensive as the genital herpes drugs that are originated from renown brand name labs that fabricate drugs for herpes which are then distributed thought various normal drugstores that sell these drugs for herpes at a very expensive cost for the customer. All of this difficult procedures to buy a genital herpes med are simplified with the existence of online internet pharmacies that allow all men and women to equally have access to high quality excellent meds for the remedy of the herpes simplex virus.

The best genital herpes drug is a condom, since wearing a condom will allow you to never have to be infected with this sexually transmitted disease and thus in its own way it impedes men and women to get herpes outbreaks and is as such the best of all of the different drugs for herpes. The importance of wearing a condom to preserve the health of you body and of your sexual organs is widely stressed at sex educational classes that are taught to teenagers around the world. In such sexual education classes teenagers are also taught to treat possible outbreaks of an infected person with high quality genital herpes drugs that temporary cure the outbreak and the pain that is created by it.

Any smart men and women would never have unprotected sex because they would be fully aware of the many terrible consequences that this might have upon the health of themselves and their sexual partner. The many genital herpes drugs that are available on the market can do nothing to treat this condition all that the market sold genital herpes meds can do is minimize the pain that is felt by men and women that have the herpes simplex virus. Hopefully very soon a medication will be discovered that remedies herpes and that is a true genital herpes drugs, however for the moment being all genital herpes drugs are only good to reduce symptoms of the virus but not to cure the virus itself.

Condom dispensers should be placed on every public and private restrooms since these are the only real and effective genital herpes meds, all of the other meds that are sold online or that can be bought at regular pharmacies are never effective in completely stopping the sexually transmitted disease which is why not one single genital herpes drugs in my opinion should be considered and referred to as a true solution to this virus

Dealing With Your Herpes Problem At Home

Herpes is a viral infection that is transmitted from an infected person by physical contact or the exchange of bodily fluids. As yet there is no cure for the condition so treatment is the only option open to people. This prompts the question, what is the most effective Herpes treatment ?

The most effective treatment is to manage the condition. As the person with the infection has it for life, they will begin to build up a history of how it affects them. This includes when they are most likely to have an outbreak, how long it will last and ways to reduce the disruption it causes.

For instance, stress may be a precursor to an outbreak. The outbreak could take the form of a cold sore or may be genital herpes. If a person feels they are getting too stressed at work, they can do things to reduce this stress directly or indirectly.

A direct approach might be to delegate work to other people or ask for a new role. It may even be to quit and get a new job, but this might be stressful too.

An indirect method might be to do things that can alleviate the stress caused. This could be doing activities like yoga or meditation. Having a relaxing day at a health spa could also do the trick. Doing something you really enjoy could be a simple way to relieve stress.

Dealing with stress falls under the general banner of keeping your immune system fit and healthy. Ensuring that your immune system is healthy will help limit the outbreaks of herpes because the immune system keeps the virus under check so to speak.

Alongside this, people will often take medication. The most common form of medication for herpes is antiviral drugs. Antiviral drugs, like Aciclovir, Valaciclovir, Famciclovir and Penciclovir, work by limiting the ability of the virus to replicate itself inside infected cells. These drugs are taken orally or even intravenously in some cases but other anitvirals can be applied topically to the site of the infection. Docosanol is a topical antiviral drug for herpes.Alternative Herpes Treatment

An alternative herpes treatment that has been used for many health conditions is oxygen therapy. An oxygen therapy plan for treating herpes is outlined in the One Minute Herpes Cure book. It’s debatable whether this will actually cure the condition but it can certainly reduce the ability for the virus to replicate and thus cause an outbreak.

The idea behind oxygen therapy is that cells need oxygen for metabolism, and adequate tissue oxygenation is vital for all normal physiological functions within the body. The contention is that a  highly oxygenated body can be immune to viruses or destroy viruses that have already infected the body.

Many people don’t get enough oxygen to the cells for a variety of reasons. These could be poor external environmental conditions or even that they breath in a very shallow fashion. Oxygen therapy is basically a treatment that helps to deliver the optimum level of oxygen to the cells so that they can fight viruses or keep them in such a condition that they don’t get infected in the first place.