Herpes Home Remedies And Difference Between HSV-1 And HVS-2

For many, the difference between HSV-1 and HVS-2 is difficult to distinguish.  While both are no fun and cause horrible symptoms, there is a slight difference, however both types can be relieved with herpes home relief like Herpeset.  Let’s take a look at a brief comparison below.

HSV-1 is what is considered to be the “good virus”, although it doesn’t make much sense to use the word good and herpes virus in the same sentence.  It is the oral virus and takes up residence in the trigeminal ganglion which is a cluster of nerve cells near the ear.   It will show itself normally on the face, lower lip and sometimes other places such as the gums or nasal mucosa.  Surprisingly a vast amount of those with HSV-1 were diagnosed in early childhood.

HSV-2 is referred to as the “bad virus” because it shows itself in the genital area.   It can be found settled in the sacral ganglion at the base of the spine and affects the genital region.  Most with this form are diagnosed as teens or adults. Both virus looks almost identical under the microscope and both can occur and spread with no visual symptoms or active outbreaks.  In addition, they are both embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Folks who are immune depressed for whatever reason tend to have more outbreaks than those with a healthy immune system, but the symptoms are many and painful either way.  You can expect swelling, burning, itching, as well as accompanying fever at times.

With either HSV-1 or HSV-2, you are forced to deal with the symptoms however you can at the time. There is still no herpes cure at this moment. Some take prescription medications to suppress outbreaks, however if you miss your window and end up with fever blisters, you will need immediate relief of symptoms.

Herpes home relief such as natural remedies, which are not approved by FDA, can give you the relief you are so desperate for during any exacerbation of symptoms.  It is safe and quite frankly something that anyone who has been diagnosed with herpes needs. Safe, secure, relief!Filed inHerpes Home Relief  Posted by adminTaggedherpes home relief, herpes outbreak, herpes relief, herpes treatment, herpes treatment at home, treatment for herpes