Treatment Options For Herpes

Herpes can be an uncomfortable topic that someone might not want to bring attention to, however, ignoring it will not make it better. The only way HSV can be managed is by implementing a procedure of proper precautions and pharmaceutical treatments. This article can give you help on deciding which course of action the take.

To properly treat herpes, you need to understand what can trigger outbreaks. Many people do not realize that some common environmental factors can bring on symptoms. Too much sun exposure, as well as contracting the common cold, may bring out oral herpes, more widely referred to as cold sores. Although the symptoms are not present at all times, the virus is still there waiting to make its move.

Although enjoyable, another activity that can cause the skin to become irritated is sex. It may not occur every time but the friction from sex could cause a flare-up. It is important to sustain from sexual activity during an outbreak. Protection is highly recommended to prevent transfer to an uninfected partner. You also want to stay away from lubricants that are oil-based. This is because they cause the latex to become weak and potentially break. Make sure to use a water-based lubricant because it will reduce irritation and allow the protection to be more secure.

Since every immune system is different, (take a look how immune system can control herpes) you should look into available treatment options and find the right one for you and your body. Medications can reduce the rate of herpes outbreaks. Some of the available methods include anti-viral drugs, supplements, herbs, and alternative or complimentary therapies.

Suppressive therapy or daily medication such as Fenvir, is recommended for individuals who experience frequent outbreaks. Certain drugs may cause problems for people with kidney disease, women who are pregnant, or the elderly. Be careful in choosing a treatment method, as not all of them work for everyone.

As noted in the beginning, not only does ignoring herpes not work, it can also make the situation worse. Severe herpes can even lead to lifelong pain and scars. By learning the facts and planning a course of action, you can reduce the effects of herpes and start getting less outbreaks.