Welcome To Herpes Free Zone

Welcome to herpes help info.com!

I created this website to empower you, the individual, with the education and knowledge to identify, understand and treat genital herpes (even oral herpes which are commonly known as ‘cold sores’). This site was created to be a one-stop resource to educate yourself about genital herpes. However, we always encourage further research from other sources.

Herpes is very contagious (skin to skin contact) and so it is important to understand the virus that causes it. You may be asking yourself, “How is it spread from one person to the next? What is an ‘outbreak’? What do I do if I think I have it? Can it be cured?”

This website addresses these questions and more.
Start with the video. It’s a great introductory. It is short and very informative.


-Treatment strategies
-What is genital herpes and what is it caused by?
-Do I have herpes? What are the signs and symptoms?
-What are all the different ways you can get genital herpes?
-How doctors definitively diagnose patients with herpes
-Learn how sneaky and clever herpes is. You may have it and not know
-First-time ‘episodes’ vs recurring episodes
-Prescription drug treatment, alternative remedy treatment, treatment tips
-Is there a CURE??
Thank you for your time and please comment and leave your questions and feedback.